Open House

Our Job Fairs help recruiters or operators find qualified candidates. Our service generates active candidates through print and internet advertising. Additional passive candidates are found through cold calls and emails into various top databases on www.Monster.com, www.CareerBuilder.com, and Self Opportunity resume database. The goal of a Job Fair is to schedule qualified well tenured candidates for interviews at your one day hiring event.

Open Houses include multiple recruitment advertising features and benefits for your recruiting event.

  • Print Advertising (on request)
    Newspaper ad or ads run in the city of need. (Access to major publication, local, diversity and niche papers if requested)
  • Internet Advertising
    1 Monster.com, 1 CareerBuilder.com, 1 Indeed sponsored job, and Self Opportunity job board. The posting is in the restaurant industry section of the primary city of your need based on zip code.  Our internet postings are activated at least two weeks prior to your Restaurant Job Fair.
  • Internet Postings
    Internet postings utilizing text, color and images identifying client information, employment brand, needs and job requirements.
  • Pre-Screening Interviews
    All resumes received are pre-screened based on your hiring criteria.
    All qualified applicants are called and emailed multiple times over a 2 week period to be interviewed and scheduled.
    After completion of the pre-screen those that fit the hiring profile are scheduled for a face to face interview.
  • Additional resumes from job board resume databases
    Over the two week period we will search www.Monster.com, www.CareerBuilder.com resume databases and the Self Opportunity resume database for qualified candidates in your area of need, informing these passive candidates of your opportunity.
    After completing their pre-screen interview we will schedule them for interviews at the Restaurant Job Fair.
  • Dedicated Staff
    All events are worked by our team of screeners focusing on calling, emailing, answering questions and setting up interviews for your Restaurant Job Fair.
  • Real Time Resume Access
    Self Opportunity, utilizes an online resume document management system.  This online tool, helps expedite the recruiting timeline. As we download resumes from the recruitment advertising, you will be able to see "Real Time" the candidate flow for your restaurant job fair. This web based applicant tracking tool allows you to view the progress and completed interviews. You will receive a private password to log into "Real Time Resume". You will be able to review our notes on each candidate. You will be able to help us determine if we are calling the right individual that best fits your profile for your Restaurant Job Fair. You will be able to provide notes to us, with the "sticky notes" that you can attach to the resume online.
  • Other Job Fair features upon request
    Radio Advertising, Flyers and bag stuffers, Social Media Recruitment Advertising and Search Engine Recruitment Marketing



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P.O.Box 292788
Lewisville, TX

  (214) 222-1500
  (214) 222-8884
  (800) 594-7036

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