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 Fort Worth
The UNT System College of Pharmacy at the University of North Texas Health Science Center is seeking to hire a Dean, UNT System College of Pharmacy to join our team. Reporting to the Provost, the Dean is responsible for meeting the mission of the College, as well as contributing to the overall goals of the UNTHSC. Key areas of responsibility include meeting the needs of existing programs, and expanding or developing educational programs in a manner consistent with the strategic goals of the College and UNTHSC. The Dean is also expected to continue to identify opportunities for collaboration of the College with local and regional partners, to ensure the College is a valued and recognized partner with community entities and agencies, and to establish the College of Pharmacy as a recognized authority in community and state health by advancing the practice of pharmacy and its contributions to society. In this role, the Dean will serve as an advocate for the College, strengthening its message and vision of health care where pharmacists serve as not only important members of a health care team, but as a crucial point for health care access. The Dean is responsible for all aspects of the operation of the College of Pharmacy and the Dean's direct reports include: Senior Associate Deans, Chairs, Senior Director, Directors, and a Senior Executive Assistant Responsibilities of the position include but are not limited to: * A strong academic leader with demonstrable experiences in promoting Pharmacy student and resident success in the context of the future of Pharmacy education and practice. * Demonstrate experience with the requirements of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). * Fostering a culture of assessment and continuous quality improvement, and exhibit a track record of collaboration/promoting inter-professional activities across multiple units (e.g., Departments, Institutes, Schools). In the coming years, the Dean will have the opportunity to make an impact in several crucial areas within the College and UNTHSC: * Strategic Planning - Formulating a vision and creating a strategic plan to further enhance the College's infrastructure and accelerate its upward trajectory in achieving its mission to create solutions for a healthier community by developing patient centered pharmacy professionals, promoting team healthcare, and optimizing health through discovery. * Team Building - Recruiting and retaining key administrative team members, faculty, and staff to achieve College and UNTHSC goals and objectives; serve as an integral and active member of the UNTHSC's executive team. * Partnership Development - Expanding and strengthening of partnerships amongst all UNTHSC units and senior leadership to leverage their collective resources and strengths on behalf of UNTHSC and each respective unit. * Faculty Development and Increasing Research Productivity - The Dean will play a key role in providing guidance and securing resources for the further development of faculty, both individually and as members of the UNTHSC community. The Dean will be an inspirational leader who will lead College faculty in identifying new opportunities to expand research productivity, while maintaining the balance between research excellence and a high quality teaching environment. Through these efforts, the Dean and the College will have the opportunity to further strengthen UNTHSC's research competitiveness in technologies that will promise future advances in the health sciences.



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P.O.Box 292788
Lewisville, TX

  (214) 222-1500
  (214) 222-8884
  (800) 594-7036

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