University of North Texas - PLP Summer Grad Student

- Denton, TX

Full/Part Time: 
The Business Department at the University of North Texas is seeking to hire a PLP Summer Grad Student to join our team. This position is meant for a graduate student working to complete their practicum credits for graduate coursework. The position will work directly with the Professional Leadership Program (PLP) who functions out of the College of Business Dean's Office. Graduate Practicum areas of concentration for the summer include: 1. Alumni Engagement- serve as liaison and event coordinator for PLP alumni. Design and manage events and invest in our alumni to bring them back to campus and get them engaged in the activities of PLP. 2. Leadership Development of All Stakeholders- Lead training, develop resources, and communicate leadership concepts with all PLP stakeholders (students, student directors, mentors, board members, facilitators, and corporate sponsors). Discover and implement ways to increase investment into these different stakeholders 3. Employer & Community Engagement- Identify and manage relationships with external partners for the purpose of PLP mentor recruiting, PLP event sponsorship, and program facilitation needs. 4. Curriculum Design- Investigate and recommend updates to current PLP curriculum based on Higher Education and new hire best practices. Present materials for students and mentors alike. These areas of concentration are the main focus, but not the entire existence of the non-student hourly position. This person will serve as a vital part of our team during our busiest months, as we prepare for the new academic year. They will be responsible for conducting research, understanding leadership theories, working with executive level personnel, and developing relationships on and off campus. This opportunity is meant to develop any candidate for a future career in higher education, student affairs, research, or leadership development. The University of North Texas System and its component institutions are committed to equal opportunity and comply with all applicable federal and state laws regarding nondiscrimination and affirmative action. The University of North Texas System and its component institutions do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, or veteran status in its application and admission processes, educational programs and activities, and employment practices. The successful candidate will possess the following required qualifications: * Completed an undergraduate degree, and is currently pursuing a graduate degree. * Willingness to be flexible with hours and work schedule, potentially working some evenings which will be known in advance. * Coachable mentality. * Able to work on a team in a fast paced environment. * Always conducts themselves in a professional manner. * Able to drive to corporate locations, potentially work from home for a few hours a week should it be necessary. * Desire to improve public speaking skills and training abilities.



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P.O.Box 292788
Lewisville, TX

  (214) 222-1500
  (214) 222-8884
  (800) 594-7036

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