University of North Texas - Genomics Center Manager

- Denton, TX

Full/Part Time: 
The BioDiscovery Institute (BDI) at the University of North Texas is seeking to hire a Manager for its Genomics Center. This BDI core facility provides a variety of genomic services, such as DNA and RNA quantification, chemical and mechanical fragmentation, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) library preparation and normalization, whole genome de novo and re-sequencing, whole transcriptome sequencing (RNASeq), metagenome and whole exome sequencing. Specific Responsibilities The successful candidate will: • Work independently and efficiently to execute all day-to-day operations of the Facility. • Assist and advise UNT researchers and external users that require the services of the BDI Genomics Center, as well as train and advise research staff, students, and faculty members in using the facility’s support equipment as required. • Remain up-to-date on sample quality analysis methods and tools. Have the knowledge and capacity to complete nucleic acid sequencing protocols, be proficient with current sequencing sample preparation methods and high throughput sequencing technology, such as Illumina NextSeq and MiSeq platforms. • Maintain up-to-date and organized sequencing data storage and collaboration pipelines. Ensure the timely delivery and analysis of sequence data quality to researchers. • Interface with BDI administrative support staff for all necessary ordering of lab supplies, billing, accounting, invoicing, and user fee collection. Handle inventory record keeping and equipment maintenance schedules. • Provide collaboration and support documentation for funding opportunities, and assist investigators with experimental design. Where feasible, the Manager could contribute to the development of research projects and proposals to leverage external funding. • Maintain an up-to-date BDI Genomics Center website to publicize available equipment, services, and prices. • Report directly to the BDI Director and Associate Director.



P.O.Box 292788 Lewisville, TX 75029-2788  |  Phones: (214) 222-1500  |  (214) 222-8884  |  (800) 594-7036

P.O.Box 292788
Lewisville, TX

  (214) 222-1500
  (214) 222-8884
  (800) 594-7036

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