Restaurant District Manager

- Nashville, TN, United States

 United States

Restaurant District Manager
Saddle Peak LLC a Franchisee of Hardees
Tennessee and South Carolina

The Saddle Peak mission statement and core values says everything.

Our Mission Statement is: To Have Happy Employees and Happy Customers.
Our Core Values are to: Work Hard, Have Fun and Be Positive.

Why should you work for Saddle Peak?
1. Saddle Peak is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing restaurant companies
in mid-South region of Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina and
Georgia. We have opportunities in more than one area.
2. Saddle Peak is preparing for growth. We need talented individuals to help us
achieve our goals. We are searching for candidates that can adapt to our company
culture and uphold the standards set by Hardee’s.
3. Saddle Peak has an industry-leading benefits package that includes medical,
dental, vision, long and short-term disability, paid vacation based on industry
experience, paid PTO and an achievable bonus package based on results.
4. Saddle Peak strongly believes in your professional growth with continued classes
in food safety, leadership, conflict management and personal growth.
5. Saddle Peak offers a very competitive salary based on industry experience.
6. Saddle Peak has an experienced Hardee’s Executive Team offering support to
achieve personal goals and business success.
7. Saddle Peak’s Executive Team understands and practices servant leadership
aligning with our mission statement and core values.
8. Saddle Peak believes in the importance of recognition, rewards and celebration
for those achieving Company goals.
9. Saddle Peak understands that people work for people. Our people are the key to
our success.
10. Saddle Peak is supported by Hardee’s Corporate which assists with exceptional
training to help achieve individual goals.

Summary of Position:
The District Manager is accountable for the performance of the Restaurant Management
Teams in the district. The District Manager ensures that each Restaurant Management
Team is performing their job responsibilities and meeting expectations in all areas of
their job descriptions.

Essential Functions:
We are here because of our customers and for our customers.

  •  All activities and decisions are completely focused on and driven by thecustomer.
  •  Ensures all employees are trained, motivated and empowered to deliver totalcustomer satisfaction. Provides training, coaching and feedback in anydeficient areas.
  •  Evaluates each restaurant’s QSC standards. Provides regular feed back andcoaching on improvement; conducts periodic inspections of the restaurant.
  •  Communicates all customer comments and concerns to the appropriateRestaurant Management Team member; follows up to ensure they are handledin a timely and effective way.

Continuously improves the skills, knowledge and morale of General Mangers.
Treats employees with dignity and respect; creates an environment where the
entire team does the same.

  •  Ensures all General Managers and Managers receive appropriate orientation, training and development opportunities.
  •  Utilizes the appropriate General Manager to facilitate the training of new General Managers.
  •  Seeks development and growth opportunities for personal improvement.
  •  Ensures all Restaurant Management Teams are hiring, training and developing all their employees to maximize performance in the restaurant.
  •  Trains, coaches and provides regular performance feedback (positive and corrective) to motivate and improve the performance of all employees.
  •  Evaluates overall performance of General Managers based on clearly communicated standards and expectations.
  •  Communicates and supports company goals, decisions and directives; followups to ensure understanding.
  •  Makes tough decisions regarding all performance issues; confronts poor performance. Holds General Manager accountable for results.
  •  Provides appropriate and effective counseling and/or discipline. Maintains proper documentation for all disciplinary situations.
  •  Makes a continuous effort to maintain a fun and enjoyable working experience.
  •  Provides effective training and follow-up of new products, programs and changes.
  •  Actively recruits General Managers and Managers; ensures employees are prepared for promotion. Matches the skills and abilities of management to the needs of the restaurants to maximize results.
  •  Utilizes effective leadership skills to maximize the performance of the Restaurant Management Teams.

Maximizes financial performance and profit.

  •  Develops and executes the business plan (key elements include fiscal responsibilities, manpower planning and local restaurant marketing) for district results.
  •  Hold General Managers accountable for their business plans.
  •  Analyzes business performance; initiates appropriate corrective actions when deviations occur from financial expectations.
  •  Models and encourages the use of available systems, procedures, technology and support departments to meet business objectives.
  •  Supports company-wide marketing programs; evaluates local restaurant marketing strategies developed by the General Manager.
  •  Utilizes effective time management, organization, planning, communication, delegation and follow up to achieve results.
  •  Takes calculated business risks to achieve specific results.
  •  Knows the market, customer demographics, competitive activities and intrusions.
  •  Identifies potential new sites.

Ensures business and personnel practices are within the law and consistent with
policies and procedures.

  •  Serves as a role model and sets a positive example for the entire team in all aspects of business and personnel management.
  •  Holds employees and self, accountable for the methods and processes used to achieve results.
  •  Practices equal employment opportunity, non-discrimination and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance.
  •  Ensures employee performance reviews are completed and reviewed with the employee on time.
  •  Enforces all labor laws (federal, state and local).
  •  Follows procedures to maintain the safety and security of all employees, customers and company assets (building, cash, equipment, supplies).
  •  Upholds company food safety, food handling and sanitation requirements, to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees.

Models and encourages business values.

  •  Is completely focused on and driven by the customer.
  •  Minimizes bureaucracy and is willing to take risks.
  •  Is of high integrity and treats all employees with honesty, respect and dignity.
  •  Establishes an environment of trust to ensure honest, open and direct communication; and provides a communication process that works up, down and across the organization.
  •  Is performance oriented and driven; clearly communicates performance expectations, measures performance results, recognizes and rewards good performance and is intolerant of poor performance.


 High school diploma or equivalent. College Degree preferable. Good verbal
and written communication skills; is capable of communicating effectively
with customers and co-workers; bi-lingual skills a plus.

 3-5 years in management positions (preferably restaurant experience including
full-service, fast food or convenience). Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

 Must have reliable personal transportation, a valid driver’s license, and proof
of insurance.


  •  Must live within a reasonable driving distance to the district
  •  Must have telephone or other reliable method of communicating with all employees. Must be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Maintains an open-door policy.

Able to work a minimum of 50 hours per week; able to work flexible hours
necessary to manage and operate the restaurant effectively.

Skills & Abilities:
Demonstrates and/or possesses the following:

  •  Basic knowledge of computers.
  •  Financial/analytical aptitude including planning, budgeting, scheduling and P & L management.
  •  Ability to get results through others.
  •  Organizational, planning and time management skills.
  •  Team building skills.
  •  Problem solving skills.
  •  Investigative skills.

Physical Abilities:
Must be able to:

  •  Work long hours.
  •  Stand for long periods of time.
  •  Bend and stoop.
  •  Handle extreme temperatures including hot and cold.
  •  Work around others in close quarters.
  •  Walk continuously throughout the restaurant and visually observe restaurant operations and employee work performance.
  •  Ability to Lift 50 –75 pounds with assistance
  •  Work with various cleaning products and other harsh chemicals
  •  Frequently Reach above shoulder level
  •  Frequently Reach above waist level
  •  Climb and balance various areas of the restaurant


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