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Account Manager

Summary Of Expectations

At the end of the day, Globe Runner Account Managers will be the team members held directly responsible for the client happiness and success of each account. Account Managers will be assessed by their ability to effectively and consistently deliver on the tasks outlined below as well as overall client feedback received from the account manager's main points of contact for each account.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business or marketing or equivalent work experience
  • 2+ years experience in account management and a good understanding of SEO and SEM strategies
  • You should be able to proficiently communicate both verbally and in writing with minimal grammatical errors
  • Must be organized and detail-oriented
  • Being a self-starter is crucial as you are responsible for driving client success and will not have specific instruction on how to do so


Globe Runner Account Managers are responsible for the following tasks on a day to day basis:

  • Developing high-level, comprehensive, digital marketing strategies for clients. High-level strategies should include all of the following (when applicable):
    • Technical SEO
    • Basic Technical Website Assessment - such as site speed issues
    • Content Marketing Strategy
    • Email Marketing Strategy
    • Conversion Optimization Strategy
    • Paid Advertising Strategy – across multiple paid and social platforms as needed
  • Constantly communicating with clients via email, phone, or in-person, to effectively relay progress on the account and get any feedback the team may need from them, as well as keep them informed of results we are delivering and addressing any questions or concerns you may have about their account
  • Analyze results with the team such as return on campaign ad spend, website traffic and user metrics, etc. to determine if strategies being implemented are proving successful and re-strategizing accordingly if they are not
  • Be able to delegate and manage multiple tasks for many different clients each month to the various teams (PPC, Content, Implementation, Dev), and even implementing when necessary
  • Ensure all work for clients is complete to a satisfactory level with help from the team


  • You will be required to have all of the following Google certifications within the first 60 days of employment:
    • Analytics
    • Adwords Fundamentals
    • Adwords Search
    • Adwords Display
  • You will also be required to complete the following training guides within the first 30 days of employment:
    • Google Search Console
    • Google Tag Manager

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