Technology Causing Turnover?
Monday, May 7, 2018 @ 4:39 PM CST by Michael Atkins
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Technology is great…when it works. We have all used the common expression at one time or another. It seems that fast food employees are expressing this notion now more than ever. In an article written by Rachel Premack for msn.com, she dives into the troubles that restaurant employees face with technology, and it might not be what you’d expect.

As shown in Premack’s article, the biggest issue that employees face with technology being integrated in more and more establishments is a lack of training. Employees have expressed frustration with expectations rising without receiving proper training and compensation. This leads to a low staff retention rate, and creates employees who are constantly looking for a better opportunity. With an excessive amount of employers to choose from, store owners have reported a lack of loyalty in staff. According to Business Insider, one store owner can “only get 60% of the labor ‘needed’”.

So what do business owners need to consider when hiring new employees? First, anticipate and stay updated on current industry trends. Next, listen to your employees needs and figure out a solution to their problems. This can be giving more hours, increasing wage, or just properly training employees on equipment and expectations. Lastly, if you are not seeing the growth of quality candidates you had hoped for, utilize a recruitment agency.

Check out the  full article here: https://bit.ly/2w6yM4g

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