DIY Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - A Free Tool Bag
Wednesday, February 18, 2015 @ 4:26 PM CST by Anthony Hash
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DIY SEO – A Free Tool Bag

By: Anthony Hash – Advertising & SEO Admin 

New to SEO, perhaps you’ve heard some savvy sounding tech guy with dark circles under his eyes huddled behind a laptop at Starbucks mumbling to himself words like meta tags, key words, and local rank and now you want to know what it’s all about.

 What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and its purpose is to get more visits or traffic to your site. Good SEO could help boost your sites rank to help get thousands of visitors, where as bad SEO can cause you to be virtually invisible or worst visible in the wrong way. 

Can I do SEO for myself?

Yes you can, and with any do-it-yourself project you’ll need a set of tools. Thankfully unlike the wrench sets, power drills, and miscellaneous saws that you’d normally need for a DIY, these tools are free and can be easily downloaded. 

Firefox Internet Browser SEO Toolbar

Firefox is full of great plugins for search engine optimization such as the SEO Toolbar. The SEO Toolbar is a packaged group of tools for Firefox that you can use to get information on your site from your Google page rank and Estimated Traffic Values to more advanced data that you can export and track over time to show progress. 

Keyword Suggestion Tool

I am sure you may have guessed that this tool suggests useful keywords based on whatever you input. This is a helpful tool because it assists with generating list of keywords for you website which boosts search results. You can use this tool to test different keywords to explore over time which generated the best results for your site. 

Keyword Clean up

Maybe you ran into an issue of having too many irrelevant keywords when using the Keyword Suggestion Tool. The Keyword Clean Up tool can help you refine your keywords for your website in a more automated way than combing through it by hand. 

Meta Tag Generator

Your Mata Tag should be very important to you as many search engines will display the Meta Description Tag in their search results. As you can imagine, if your link has a description under it that isn’t appealing it will likely cause users to avoid that link, where on the flipside if the description is good you’d likely see better traffic to your link. 

Typo Generator

Let’s face it, a lot of the people nowadays can’t spell well and rely heavily upon spell check. I am no exception; we want to make sure our keywords are perfect. By having perfectly typed keywords we are missing the people who search and hit an extra key or swap the “I” and “E”. Just because someone makes a mistake doesn’t mean they should miss the opportunity to visit your link. 

Spider Test Tool

The most data-centered tool on this list, The Spider Test Tool allows you to view your link as if it were viewed from a search engine. This means that you can see what criteria is helping you and what could be improved upon. It can take some time to learn what all the data means but with all new things comes a learning curve.


Nothing worth having comes handed to us on a silver platter but just because we have to work for optimal SEO doesn’t mean we should have to work harder. You can find all these tools and more here, along with in-depth video tutorials on how to better use them. New to the world of SEO and/or Analytics? No worries, I’m right there with you! I’ll be addressing beginner friendly essential information each month, so don’t forget to check our blog for more information.


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