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What began in October 2001 as a "Restaurant Management Career Fair" Company, has evolved into a full service independent Recruitment Solutions Company. We listened and learned from our clients regarding their needs for recruitment advertising, talent acquisition and staffing. We chose to develop a whole new set of products and services, and employed the necessary industry experts to assist our clients in the best way possible to enhance their recruiting strategy for their organizations needs for success. We are passionate about making our clients' jobs easier, and positively affecting the bottom line of their recruiting budget. Self Opportunity DallasWe have our About Usfinger on the pulse of recruiting and will constantly give our clients the advice, feedback, and professionalism they have come to expect from the team at Self Opportunity.

Don't get us wrong, we love what we do, but we also like to have fun! Have you ever met a boring personality that also was amazingly creative? We didn't think so. It's our sense of humor and creative attitudes that helps us be at our best for our clients, and we think they appreciate this approach. We couple our passion for our clients along with our passion for fun to bring a fresh, creative, and innovative approach to solving your recruitment challenges. Our philosophy is if you have an idea or want to try out something new for your organization, we will partner with you to test the next great recruiting solution.

It is our desire to lead and bring the recruiting industry forward by providing excellent service, communication and creativity. Our online recruitment brochures, SEM/SEO campaigns, creative print, internet recruiting campaigns, and Social Media recruiting strategy will help drive your recruiting efforts to the next level. Please review our website and look over our portfolio of work.



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P.O.Box 292788
Lewisville, TX

  (214) 222-1500
  (214) 222-8884
  (800) 594-7036

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